This is the drink you’ve been waiting for. My first shot made down at Casbah and, according to my regulars, the best one. Of course it’s the best one, it’s named after Loki. Psh.


1/3 oz vanilla-infused vodka

1/3 oz butterscotch liqueur

1/3 oz Blue Curacao

Combine the vanilla and butterscotch to get a nice, yellowy colour, and then add the Blue Curacao. This drink was named the Loki because, when I first made it, it turned a beautiful green colour upon mixing. However, if your butterscotch liqueur is super pale, then your finished shot will turn a soft blue. If you have this problem and really, really want it to be green, then add a couple drops of food colouring.
In the end, though, this is a drink where its shade is the least important thing. It’s completely and utterly delicious. It tumbles on down and can pack a wallop (I found my friend mostly naked on the bathroom floor after a night of drinking these), but the sweet, buttery orange and vanilla taste never fails to please. And in the morning you can all admit that you’ve been well and truly Loki’d.


You can get vanilla flavoured vodka in most places, so this shouldn’t be too tricky. If you want to infuse your own vodka, get yourself some vanilla beans and pop them in a bottle of vodka for infusing – it’s way better than anything Smirnoff will sell you. Or, if you want to be super quick, add in a drop of vanilla extract… but I maintain that this is a crime against alcoholmanity, and I will frown at you from across the dark sea of the internet if you do this.

Triple Sec or any other similar liqueur can be added in place of Blue Curacao, in which case your shot is actually a Loki In Disguise.

Try adding a splash of Midori; the shot then becomes a Hulk Smash.

To convert into a cocktail, I like to toss it into a glass of cola.

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