This is probably one of my favourite drinks ever, at least when I want something sweet. Despite being a double shot drink, it’s not that strong, so it’s just as enjoyable to gulp it down (as I do) as it is to sip. Anyway – it’s purple, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect. Even if you hate Sambuca, give it a try. While sweet, it embraces the flavours of the liqueurs rather than being a sticky mess.


1 oz (30mL) Triple Sec

1 oz (30mL) Sambuca or any dark, aniseed flavoured liqueur

Sparkling lemonade (Sprite or similar, for the non-Aussie-centric)

Dash of raspberry cordial

Get yourself a sexily-shaped glass, throw in as much ice as you want, and add your shots, plus raspberry cordial. Fill to the top with lemonade, and stir. Pretend you are even half as cool as Hawkeye. Because that’s damn cool.


Blue Curacao works for this drink, and only slightly changes the hue. Most of your purple comes from the raspberry cordial mixing with the dark, dark blue of the aniseed.